Wallet / Envelope Invitations

Click on any image below to see what is available in our wallet or envelope invitation designs which come in two styles and three sizes. The wallet invitation design comes in one size with a pull out printed insert. Our envelope invitation designs come in two sizes and both come with a printed insert and a reply card.

  • DL wallet - is approx 21cm x 10cm
  • Square wallet - is approx 14.6 cm x 14.6 cm
  • Square envelope - is approx 14.5cm x 14.5cm
  • Rectangle envelope - is approx 14.5cm x 10.5cm
Details of the wedding stationery items that can be chosen to create your wedding stationery package can be found on our Stationery Items page.
wallet invitation design W1 wallet invitation design W15 envelope invitation design W16
W1 W15 W16
wallet invitation design Kensington wallet invitation design T1 envelope invitation design T2
Kensington T1 T2
butterfly envelope invitation design butterfly envelope invitation design damask pocketfold
Flutter Hepburn Damask
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